Ruiru in 2024: Affordable Houses, Business Ideas & What to Expect When You Relocate

Ruiru Town (Ruiru Ndani)

This is a guide to rental houses in Ruiru, commonly referred to as Ruiru Ndani.

It’s perfect if you don’t know where to find affordable houses in Ruiru, and you want to avoid scammers.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. I will show you where to find affordable single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1 (one), 2 (two), and 3(three) bedroom houses in Ruiru.

Say, for example, you want a Ksh 8,000 bedsitter. Use this guide to identify the places with a bedsitter going for Ksh 8,000 or less, then go there and see if there is one that is vacant

Please note that all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) per month.


I’ll show you where to find:

          •Single rooms 3,500

          •Double rooms 6,000

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •1 bedroom 9,000

          •2 bedroom 15,000

Welcome to Ruiru, the industrial town.

The industries located here include:

          •Angels Kenya

          •Spinners and Spinners 

          •Devki Steel Mills

          •Ruiru Mabati

          •BURN Manufacturing

I couldn’t help but notice the town center in Ruiru resembles Nyeri town. For a moment, I thought I was in Nyeri! I don’t know why they look so similar, but maybe it’s because these two towns are agemates (developed around the same time).

By the way, I saw the “Illuminati house of Ruiru,” where nobody has lived for close to 30 years!

There are stories of how, after renting, voices will talk to you at night, telling you to vacate. Stories of how you will find your belongings outside, or find your utensils cleaned. Or food already cooked. Mmmh, okay…

Only one person lives here, the watchman.

I don’t have the picture of the house, just go Google “Illuminati house of Ruiru”. Or read about it here.

All right. Let’s dive in.

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How far is Ruiru from Nairobi?

The distance from Odeon Cinema in Nairobi to Ruiru is 23.9 km.

Where do I board matatu to Ruiru?

The Ruiru matatu stage in Nairobi is located at Odeon Cinema.

Is Ruiru in Kiambu County?

Yes, Ruiru is in Kiambu County.

The postal code for Ruiru is 00232.

Where is Ruiru Bypass located?

Riuru Bypass is located at the intersection of Thika Road and Eastern Bypass. When coming from Nairobi through Thika Road, it’s just before you get to Ruiru town center (commonly known as Ruiru Ndani).

Fare from Nairobi CBD to Ruiru

Ksh. 50 during off-peak hours

Ksh. 80 during rush hour.

Let’s do the math. If you commute daily to town in the morning and get back in the evening, this is what your budget will look like:

(80×2) x 5 days = 800

800 x 4 weeks = 3,200

In addition to rent, you’ll spend approximately Ksh. 3,200 in fare per month if you decide to live in Ruiru.

Traffic jam pain points

The main traffic jam pain points when heading to Nairobi CBD are Muthaiga area and Globe Roundabout.

In the evening, you will find traffic jam from Allsops (GSU Headquarters), all the way to Garden City Mall.

Other fares

Fare from Ruiru to KU/Kahawa Wendani

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru to Allsops

Ksh. 80

Fare from Ruiru to Kahawa West

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru to Marurui

Ksh. 70

Fare from Ruiru to Ruaka

Ksh. 90

Fare from Ruiru to Kiambu

Ksh. 60

Fare from Ruiru to Kikuyu

Ksh. 160

Fare from Ruiru to Limuru

Ksh. 160

Fare from Ruiru to Roysambu

Ksh. 70

Fare from Ruiru to Thika

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru to Gatundu

Ksh. 80

Fare from Ruiru to Kibichoi

Ksh. 100

Fare from Ruiru to Juja

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru to Githunguri

Ksh. 80-100

Water availability

7 out of the 10 people I talked to said they had no water challenges.

The other 3 said they buy borehole water at Ksh. 5 or 10 per 20-liter jerrican.

Food prices in Ruiru

8/10 of the people I talked to said that food prices in Ruiru market are average. 2 said they are low.

Verdict: I visited the market, checked the prices and I can confirm food here is cheap.

Is Ruiru safe?

And what about unreported cases?

For the unreported cases, I talked to the residents.

7 of the 10 people I talked to said Ruiru town is safe. I was told it’s almost 5 years since they had serious cases of insecurity. The only ones left are petty mobile phone thieves.

Business opportunities

Thinking of starting a business in Ruiru? Consider one of these:

•In the town center, mobile phone shop

Shoes or clothes thrift shop

Food joint (Chips palace, kibanda).

Pub, wines and spirits.

Mutura joint.

What residents love about Ruiru

“High population is good for business.”

“Cheap food in the market.”

“Life is affordable.”

“Good weather.”

What residents don’t like about Ruiru

Wataalam Road is dirty. Dirty trenches and dirty road.”

“Insecurity along Wataalam Road. Unsafe at night.”

“Noise pollution by promotion caravans and motorbikes.”

“Frequent power blackouts.”

“Water challenges.”

“Poor leadership.”

All right! Let’s now dive in.

Places in Ruiru you’ll find affordable rental houses

When at Masaku matatu stage near Spinners & Spinners, take a left turn.

Rental houses in Ruiru off Masaku Stage

Then take a right turn to join the road leading to Spinners Boys or Matopeni Primary School.

Rental houses in Ruiru along Matopeni Road

Along this long stretch of road, you will find:

     •Single rooms 3,500 ; 4,000 ; 4,500

     •Bedsitters 5,000 ; 6,500 ; 7,500 ; 8,500 ; 9,000

     •1 bedroom 9,000 ; 11,000 ; 12,000 ; 13,000 ; 14,000 ; 15,000

… and more single rooms scattered around this area. One disadvantage of this road is that it’s dusty.

Rental houses along Wataalam Road

Rental houses in Ruiru along Wataalam Road

Wataalam Road is long, so I’ll divide it into sections.

The very first section from the entrance off Ruiru-Kamiti Road but before you reach Repzol Energy, there are:

     •Single rooms 4,500

     •Double rooms 7,000

     •Bedsitters 8,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000 ; 14,000 ; 15,000

     •2 bedroom 15,000 ; 18,000

After Repzol Energy, but before Deliverance Church, you will find:

     •Single rooms 4,000

     •Double rooms 6,000

     •Bedsitters 6,000

     •1 bedroom 8,000 ; 10,000 ; 15,000

     •2 bedroom 20,000

Affordable rental houses along Wataalam Road in Ruiru

After Deliverance Church up to the first corner of Wataalam Road, you’ll find:

     •Single rooms 3,500

     •Double rooms 7,500

     •Bedsitters 6,500

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