Ruiru Bypass in 2024: Business Ideas & What to Expect When You Relocate

First things first.

If you’re looking for a single room, double room, bedsitter, 1 (one), 2 (two), or 3 (three) bedroom house in Ruiru Bypass, or you want to put up a business here, this is for you.

Where is Ruiru Bypass in Nairobi?

Ruiru Bypass is located at the intersection of Thika Road and Eastern Bypass. If you’re coming from Nairobi CBD, it is after Kenyatta University Main Campus.

Thika Road divides Ruiru Bypass into two: the upper side is Membley/Kihunguro and the lower side is Kamakis.

Here's what to expect when you relocate to Ruiru Bypass.
Ruiru Bypass, Membley side
Ruiru Bypass Kamakis side
Ruiru Bypass, Kamakis side

Here’s what to expect when you move to Ruiru Bypass.

Before we go on, here is an opportunity for you to set up a small business in Ruiru Bypass.

Shop for rent in Membley Ksh.15,000

Shop for rent in Membley. Clean, in a secure place. Call me for more details on 0714373730.

Where do I board matatu to Ruiru Bypass?

The Ruiru Bypass matatu stage in Nairobi is located at the Commercial bus stop. You can also board the buses along Ronald Ngara Street.

Fare from Nairobi CBD to Ruiru Bypass

Ksh. 50 during off-peak hours

Ksh. 80-100  during rush hour.

Let’s do the math. If you commute daily to town in the morning and get back in the evening, this is what your budget will look like.

(100×2) x 5 days = 1,000

1,000 x 4 weeks = 4,000

In addition to rent, you’ll spend approximately Ksh. 4,000 in fares per month if you decide to live in Ruiru Bypass.

Traffic jam pain points

The main traffic jam pain points are the Muthaiga/Pangani area, the Globe Roundabout as you enter the CBD, and the stretch from Allsops (GSU HQs) to Garden City Mall in the evening.

You may also experience traffic jams if the matatu or bus you’re in joins a service lane to drop off or pick up passengers.

Painfully notorious for this type of jam is the Githurai 44 main stage. Maaan, the traffic jam here will make you wanna cry. But these days it’s well managed by the traffic police.

Otherwise, it’s a smooth ride along the highway.

Other fares

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Kahawa West

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to K.U Referral Hospital


Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Tatu City

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Bima Road

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Githunguri

Ksh. 30

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Kamae


Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Kiwanja

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Karuguru

Ksh. 40

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Ruai

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Mashinani

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Kona

Ksh. 30

Fare from Ruiru Bypass to Cabanas

Ksh. 100

Water availability

I visited the Kihunguro area, then Kamakis, and all the 10 people I talked to said they had NO water problem.

Kihunguro is on the Membly side.

Kihunguro Ruiru Bypass
Kihunguro, Ruiru Bypass

Food prices in Ruiru Bypass

6 of the 10 people I talked to said that food prices in Ruru Bypass are usually average-priced.

4 of them said they consider them high.

They told me that they shop for cheaper groceries in bulk in Githurai market or Ruiru market.

Those around Kamakis get cheap food supplies from an area called Destiny.

Is Ruiru Bypass safe?

So far in 2024, there have been 0 cases of insecurity in Ruiru Bypass reported in the media.

And what about unreported cases?

For the unreported cases, I talked to the residents.

Those in Kihunguro told me it’s safe, with few cases of theft early in the morning at around 5 a.m. and late at night from 10 p.m.

Some have fallen victim to bodaboda gangs who snatch mobile phones from unsuspecting residents.

Kamakis is safer since most residential houses here are gated with guards manning them.

Business ideas

Thinking of starting a business at Ruiru Bypass? These are the most common businesses here.

First of all, on both sides, the tuktuk business is thriving.

Let’s look at each side individually.

Membley side

Membley, Ruiru

Hardwares! Hardwares! Hardwares! Goodness me, hardwares are everywhere. Every other shop is a hardware.

Timber yards and furniture workshops follow closely.

This area has the space for such businesses. There are also sufficient spaces on either side of the Eastern bypass for parking, loading, and offloading.

Clubs, wines and spirits are other popular businesses here.

Then hotels and small shops. Keep in mind that the residents in Membley estate mostly do their main shopping in nearby malls, then buy small household stuff in the shops.

Let’s cross over to the Kamakis side

Kamakis side

Kamakis, Ruiru

It’s hard to talk about Kamakis without mentioning nyamachoma! If you’ve never been to this place, please make a point of visiting it.

Meat points are popular here, ever busy.

More hardwares.

And timber yards.

What residents love about Ruiru Bypass


“It’s secure.”


“Easy access to Eastern Bypass and Thika Superhighway.”

“Businesses are doing well.”



“Businesses pick very fast especially those targeting students and young people.”


“Cool climate.”


“Not crowded.”

“Good private schools.”

What residents don’t like about Ruiru Bypass


“Expensive houses (but nice).”

“Expensive commodities like groceries.”

“Dusty roads. Passing cars and wind raise the dust. It’s a health risk for people running businesses along the roads.”


“Dusty roads.”

“Flooded roads when it rains.”

“Alcoholism is wasting away young people.”


“High internet prices.”

“High grocery prices.”

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