Nkubu: 32 Places You’ll Find Affordable Rental Houses

Nkubu Town

You might have come to Nkubu town for studies, internship, job, or business and are looking for an affordable house to rent. So where do you look?

I have the answers. This guide is perfect if you don’t know where to find affordable houses in Nkubu, and you want to avoid getting scammed by fake agents.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. I will show you where to find affordable single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1 (one), 2 (two) and 3 (three) bedroom houses in Nkubu, Meru.

Say, for example, you want a Ksh. 8,000 bedsitter. Use this guide to identify the places that have a bedsitter going for Ksh. 8,000 or less, then go there and see ifone is vacant. Or send someone to check for you.

Please note that all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) per month.


I’ll show you where to find:

          •Single rooms 1,500

          •Bedsitters 3,000

          •1 bedroom 5,000

          •2 bedroom 6,000

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

The best place to start this guide is at the very edge of town, next to River Thingithu.

Nkubu Town Rentals Near River Thingithu

The rentals here are easy to spot because they are the first ones from the river. These are the monthly rent prices of the houses you’ll find here:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •1 bedroom 7,000

          •2 bedroom 10,000.

Further up, next to World Harvest Church, there is a short side road (see insert).

Nkubu Rental Houses Near World Harvest Church

These are the houses you’ll find here:

          •Bedsitters 4,500 ; 5,000

          •1 bedroom 7,000 ;  7,500 8,000

          •2 bedroom 15,000

Return to the highway, and you’ll see a road that branches between Nkubu police station and KCB bank.

Follow it and take a left turn just before the Prime Regent Hotel. Enter the side road shown in the insert.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Prime Regent Hotel

Here you’ll find really affordable houses, mostly single rooms which go for 2,000 or 2,500 per month. Here is the summary of the houses here:

          •Single rooms 2,000 2,500

          •Bedsitters 4,500 ; 5,000

          •1 bedroom 8,000

Next, we head to Nkubu-Kionyo Road. Now, for simplicity, we’ll return to the highway and proceed down the road.

Take a turn at the Total Energies junction and proceed upwards. Do not divert from this road.

Follow it until you reach the junction to Shabaa stadium. You’ll know because the road is clearly marked Jerusalem Street.

Turn to the road in the opposite direction. 

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Shabaa Stadium

This is another place you’ll find single rooms going for 2,000 or 2,500. Also, bedsitters going for 7,500.

Proceed, then take a left turn and you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •1 bedrooms 7,500

          •2 bedrooms 10,000

Get back to Nkubu-Kionyo road. Remember Jerusalem Street?

Nkubu Rentals Near Shabaa

Now, follow it down towards Kenrama Education Centre. You’ll find:

          •2 bedroom 10,000

Back to Nkubu-Kionyo Road. Proceed a little ahead.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Shabaa

Take a right turn and follow the inner road. You’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •2 bedroom 8,000

Proceed a little further along the S-shaped road going to Jameson Park. Near there, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 4,500 ; 5,000 ; 6,000

          •1 bed 5,000

Get back to Nkubu-Kionyo Road, and proceed up to the side road leading to the gate of Shabaa stadium.

Nkubu Rental Houses Towards Shabaa Stadium

Follow the road a few meters ahead between A.I.P.C.A church and PCEA church. You will find:

          •Bedsitters 3,000 ; 4,000

          •2 bedroom 7,000

Now, get back to Meru-Nairobi highway at Total Energies junction and drop a bit. Opposite the main stage on your left, and neighboring Nkubu Primary School there is a narrow inner road.

Follow it and take a right turn. 

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Nkubu Primary School

Please don’t confuse it with the one leading to the gate of Nkubu Primary School, or Nkubu Day Secondary School or St Pius X Seminary. This one instead goes around the schools. 

Here you will find:

          •Bedsitters 4,500

          •1 bedroom 6,000 ; 6,500

          •2 bedroom 8,000 ; 12,500

          •3 bedroom 13,500

Back to the highway, a little ahead at the entrance of the main stage, take a right turn.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Main Stage

Then a left turn at Nkubu Central Plaza. Proceed straight until you see two roads that branch at Sweet Waters Annex. 

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Sweet Waters

Let’s start with the right turn (A).

Opposite the lower market, you’ll find:

          •2 bedroom 8,000 ; 10,000

A little further ahead, opposite Full Gospel Church:

          •Bedsitters 4,000 ; 5,000

          •Single rooms 2,500

Now for the left turn (B).

Just a few steps and you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 2,200 ; 2,300

          •2 bedroom 9,000 ; 10,000

          •3 bedroom 16,000

Proceed with the road, then take a left turn. Drop a bit downwards. Along this road you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,000 

          •2 bedroom 8,500

          •And plenty of single rooms between 2,000 and 2,500.

Back to the highway, down to the start of Jerusalem Street. Take the road that leads to the Pentecostal church.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Pentecostal Church

Next to the church, there are rentals.

          •Bedsitters 5,500

          •1 bedroom 8,500

Proceed further ahead and you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 2,500

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,000

          •2 bedroom 7,000 ; 8,000

Get back to the highway, opposite Nkubu Consolata Mission Hospital. It’s the place you’ll typically find manned by local authorities.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Consolata Mission Hospital

Take a right turn and drop down the road. But before you go far, on your right there are single rooms going for 2,000 a month. Further down you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 2,000 ; 2,200

          •Bedsitters 4,500

          •2 bedroom 12,500

Back to the highway, there is a junction at Nkubu Consolata Hospital. Take a left turn to join the road to Mitunguu town.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Consolata Hospital

This is important because barely 100 meters from the junction, another road branches off, which leads to Mujwa town. And that is what we will first focus on.

Rental houses along Nkubu – Mujwa Road

Nkubu Junction to Mujwa and Mitunguu

This is the road that leads to Nkubu High School. Now, proceed to the place you’ll see the first inner lane on your left.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Nkubu High School

But before you enter the lane, directly opposite on your right there are several rentals.

It’s the first place in the search for rental houses that I found single rooms going for 1,500 per month!

But most houses you’ll find there are single rooms going for 2,000 to 2,500 depending on the size of the room. In summary, you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 1,5002,0002,500

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,000

          •1 bedroom 5,000

Now, enter the inner lane, a very long lane, bordering Nkubu High School. At the very end, the road branches into two. There is an upper side and a lower side.

Nkubu Rental Houses Behind Nkubu High School

Let’s start with the upper side A.

Here is another place you’ll find single rooms for 1,500. Then further upwards, you’ll find:

          •1 bedroom 6,000 ; 8,000

          •2 bedroom 8,000 ; 10,000

On the lower side B, drop a bit, take a left turn and there are plenty of:

          •2 bedrooms 10,000

Back to Nkubu – Mujwa road. Most of the rentals you’ll find on the sides are single rooms going for 2,000.

But then a little down the road on your right towards JPark there are plenty of rentals.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near JPark

 Here, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,500

          •1 bed 5,000 ; 6,000 ; 6,500

          •2 bed 7,500

Do you see those two dotted lines in the picture above? Those are rentals near the entrance to JPark and you’ll find:

          •1 bed 6,000 

          •2 bed 6,500 ; 8,000

Further down Nkubu- Mujwa road, there is an inner road to JPark car park. This is another area that is concentrated with plenty of rental houses.

Nkubu Rentals Near JPark

Here, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitter 4,500

          •1 bedroom 6,000 ; 7,000

          •2 bedroom 6,000 ; 8,000 ; 14,000

Back to Mujwa Road, drop down a little, and on your left, a road branches off. Follow it and you’ll find:

          •1 bedroom 7,000

Nkubu Rentals Along Mujwa Road

And then further down, near the Church of the Nazarene, take a right turn.

Nkubu Rentals Near Church of the Nazarene

Along this inner road, you’ll find:

          •1 bedroom 5,000 ; 15,000

          •2 bedroom 19,000

Rental houses along Nkubu – Mitunguu Road

Let’s get back to the Mitunguu – Mujwa junction and follow the road to Mitunguu.

At the very start, there are a variety of houses, starting with the one pointed out in the insert.

Nkubu Rentals Near Nkubu Hospital

The rentals here:

          •Bedsitters 4,500

          •1 bedroom 5,500

And directly opposite there are single rooms going for 2,000.

A few meters ahead, still on your right after several shops, there are:

          •Bedsitters 4,000 ; 5,000

          •2 bedroom 8,500

Now, proceed with the road for about 200 meters and on your left there is an inner road.

Nkubu Rental Houses Along Mitunguu Road

This area has many rental houses. You’ll find:

          •Single rooms 1,800 ; 2,500

          •1 bedroom 5,500

          •2 bedroom 10,000

When you follow the road straight to the end, then take a left turn, you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 2,000

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,000

          •1 bedroom 6,000

Back to Mitunguu Road, proceed a few meters downwards.

Nkubu Rental Houses Mitunguu Road

On your left you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 2,500

          •Bedsitters 4,000

          •1 bed 6,000

          •2 bed 10,000

On the opposite side, there are:

          •Bedsitters 4,500

Drop a few meters opposite Generational Impact Church and take a left turn (A).

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Generational Impact Church

You’ll find: (A)

          •Single rooms 2,500

          •Bedsitters 4,000 ; 6,000

And (B):

          •Bedsitters 4,500

Back to the main road, drop a bit, and turn to your right.

Nkubu Bedsitters Along Mitunguu Road

There you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

Proceed downwards, near a carwash.

Nkubu Rentals On Mitunguu Road

Let’s start with the right turn A. Here, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitter 4,000

          •1 bedroom 7,000

Then a few steps turn B:

          •Single rooms 2,000

          •Bedsitter 3,500

          •1 bedroom 6,000

          •2 bedroom 10,000

Now, let’s get back to the Meru-Nairobi Highway.

Nkubu Rental Houses Along Nairobi Highway

Follow the highway, just after Lamcy Motel and Golden Wings Hotel there are several rentals.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Lamcy Motel

Let’s start with (A).

          •Bedsitters 7,000

          •1 bedroom 10,000

(B) just a few steps down:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •1 bedroom 7,500 ; 8,000

And (C):

          •Single rooms 2,000

Further down.

Rental Houses In Nkubu Below Lamcy Motel

Here, you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 3,000

          •1 bedroom 6,500

And now we head down towards Shell petrol station.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near Shell Petrol Station

Let’s start with A. At the start of this inner road are single rooms going for 2,000. But as you proceed towards Gospel Outreach Church, there are:

          •Bedsitters 4,000 ; 4,500

When you come to the left side B, you’ll find:

          •Mostly single rooms going for between 1,700 – 2,500

          •Double rooms 3,000

For C, zoomed in on the insert and neighboring Shell petrol station, there are:

          •1 bedroom 7,000

Let’s proceed to the area just after Kinoti GK Hardware.

Rental houses in Nkubu Below Kinoti GK Hardware

Let’s start with A:

          •Single rooms 


          •2 bedroom

For B:

          •Bedsitters 5,000

          •1 bed 8,500

          •2 bedroom 13,500

And then a few meters ahead after Kathagara River.

Nkubu Rental Houses Near River Kathagara

Here, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitter 4,300

          •2 bedroom 12,000

Proceed, and just before you reach Premier Maritime Training Institute, there are rental houses on your left.

Rental Houses in Nkubu Before Heritage Gardens

Here you’ll find:

          •2 bedroom 10,000

Rental Houses in Nkubu Near Heritage Gardens

And now for the area around Premier Maritime Training Institute. Let’s start with A. This area has a high concentration of rental houses. You will find:

          •Bedsitter 6,000

          •1 bedroom 8,000

          •2 bedroom 10,000 ; 12,500 ; 14,000

And when you turn to side B:

Just at the entrance on your left, you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 3,500 ; 4,000

A little further down:

          •Bedsitters 4,000

          •1 bedroom 6,000

          •2 bedroom 14,000

Beyond here, you’ll be heading to Kiigene. Check out rental houses in Kiigene.

That’s all there is to this guide to rental houses in Nkubu. I hope it has been helpful.

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