Ongata Rongai in 2024: Affordable Houses, Business Ideas & What to Expect When You Relocate

Ongata Rongai Town

The dualling of Magadi Road is long overdue. Enough said.

This is a guide to rental houses in Ongata Rongai (includes matatu fares).

I’ll show you where to find affordable houses and also tell you what businesses you can set up here.

It’s perfect if you want to avoid getting scammed by fake agents.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. I will show you where to find affordable single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1 (one), 2 (two), and 3 (three) bedroom houses in Ongata Rongai.

Say, for example, you want a Ksh. 8,000 bedsitter. Use this guide to identify the places that have a bedsitter going for Ksh. 8,000 or less, then go there and see if one is vacant. Or send someone to check for you.

Please note that all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) per month.


I’ll show you where to find:

          •Single rooms 3,000

          •Double rooms 6,000

          •Bedsitters 6,000

          •1 bedroom 8,500

          •2 bedroom 12,000

2 Bedroom apartment for rent in Ongata Rongai, Ksh. 25,000 inclusive of service charge. Call me for more details on 0714373730.

Is Ongata Rongai a good place to live?

Before we dive into places where you’ll find affordable rental houses, let’s take a closer look at Ongata Rongai.

How is life in Ongata Rongai?

Because the rent you’ll pay is one piece of the puzzle.

Daily fare, time spent commuting, food prices, water availability, and security are other factors you should consider.

So what is it like living there? And is it a good fit for you? Let’s find out.

This is what to expect when you relocate to Ongata Rongai.

Where is Ongata Rongai located?

From Nairobi CBD, Ongata Rongai is located along Magadi Road after Lang’ata. It is in Kajiado County.

The postal code for Ongata Rongai is 00511.

Distance from Nairobi to Ongata Rongai

The distance from Nairobi Railways bus station to Tuskys Ongata Rongai via Lang’ata Road and Magadi Road is 18.7 km.

Where do I board matatu to Ongata Rongai?

The Ongata Rongai stage in Nairobi is located at Railways bus station at the intersection of Moi Avenue and Haile Selassie Avenue.

Fare from Nairobi CBD to Ongata Rongai

Ksh. 30-50 during off-peak hours.

Ksh. 100 during rush hours.

Let’s do the math. If you commute daily to town in the morning and get back in the evening, this is how your budget will look like:

(100×2) x 5 days = 1,000

1,000 x 4 weeks = 4,000

In addition to rent, you’ll spend approximately Ksh 4,000 in fares per month if you decide to live in Ongata Rongai.

Traffic jam pain points

There was a time when it took hours to get to Ongata Rongai due to crazy traffic jams.

The construction of overpasses at T-Mall and Galleria Mall have helped alleviate the pain.

However, magadi Road is still a mess. The road is too narrow considering the high traffic along it. That it’s still a single-carriageway in 2024 beats all logic.

For instance, the traffic jam can stretch from Multimedia University all the way to Tuskys.

Other fares

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kiserian

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Nkoroi

Ksh. 50

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kandisi

Take a motorbike (bodaboda) Ksh. 150-200

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kitengela

I was surprised to find out there is no direct matatu from Ongata Rongai to Kitengela.

You’ll first have to get to Kiserian, then connect to Kitengela.

I was told Maasai Lodge Road can get you to Kitengela, but it’s in bad shape and still under construction, so matatus avoid it.

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Nakuru

Ksh. 700

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kisumu

Ksh. 1,600

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Eldoret

Ksh. 1,300

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Bungoma

Ksh. 1,600

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kisii

Ksh. 1,500

Fare from Ongata Rongai to Kakamega

Ksh. 1,600

Water availability

I talked to 10 residents about water availability in Ongata Rongai.

6 of the 10 people I talked to complained of water challenges. They told me that they get water from Oloolaiser Water once a week. Sometimes they can go for weeks without water. On other days they use water from boreholes.

Those with no borehole in their residential places buy water from vendors. One 20-litre jerrican goes for Ksh. 20. At times it goes for Ksh. 30 or even 50!

Market food prices in Ongata Rongai

Ongata Rongai has one lifeline: the Kware market.

7 out of the 10 people I talked to said that food prices at Kware market are low to average.

The remaining 3 were located far from the market (Rongai is big) and said they find food prices in Ongata Rongai high.

Is Ongata Rongai safe?

Securitywise, 2023 was a bad year for Ongata Rongai. Cases of mobile phone theft by bodaboda gangs and house-breakings were high.

What about unreported cases?

For the unreported cases, I talked to the residents. They said cases of theft had decreased.

They identified the Kware area, Mandazi Road, Kimani Kinuthia Road, Magenche Road, and Kisumu Ndogo along Gataka Road as hotspots.

What residents love about Ongata Rongai

“It accommodates all classes of people, high, middle and low class.”

“High population is good for business.”

“Good for raising a family.”

“Diversity of people. Originally only Maasai but now a mix of different tribes.”

“There’s now a morgue (at Saitoti Hospital).”

What residents don’t like about Ongata Rongai

“The town is dirty.”

“Dirty roadside trenches.”

“Lack of a sewer line.”

“Narrow Magadi Road.”

“Waves of insecurity.”

“Water challenges.”

“Expensive rental houses.”

“Traffic jam.”

“Exaggerated fare prices to Nairobi CBD. They can go up to Ksh. 120, even 150.”

Business ideas

It’s hard to single out popular businesses because Ongata Rongai has a little of everything. However, if you want to put up a business here, consider one of these:

Green grocery

Fresh water refill point



Exhauster services

Alright! Let’s dive into the places where you’ll find affordable houses in Ongata Rongai.

Rental Houses Along Maasai Lodge Road

Rental houses along Maasai Lodge Road

The best place to kick off this major guide to affordable houses is definitely along Maasai Lodge Road. At the beginning on your left you will find:

     •Bedsitters 9,000

Ahead just after Bestmart supermarket:

     •Bedsitters 9,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

There is the road opposite Quintech Construction:

     •Bedsitters 6,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

     •2 bedroom 15,000

Proceed to the road opposite Fountain of Life Church. Here you will find:

     •Bedsitters 8,000

     •1 bedroom 13,000

The disadvantage of this Maasai Road is that it’s too dusty. The never-ending traffic of vehicles on this road makes the situation worse.

Rental Houses along Mayor Road

Rental houses along Mayor Road Ongata Rongai

Mayor Road is located opposite Tosha petrol station. On your left, there are:

     •Bedsitters 9,000 ; 9,500

Ahead after the bridge, turn left. You’ll find:

     •Bedsitters 9,000

Rental Houses at Tumaini (Gataka Road)

Rental houses along Gataka Road Ongata Rongai

Tumaini supermarket may be gone, but the name remains. At the Tumaini area, on your right, there is Gataka Road. Follow the road till you reach an inner lane to PEFA church. Here there are:

     •Bedsitters 10,000

     •1 bedroom 15,000

     •2 bedroom 18,000

Follow Magadi Road up to the area around KCB bank.

Rental houses near KCB Bank Ongata Rongai

Next to KCB bank. Follow the road to the end. You’ll find:

     •Bedsitters 6,500 ; 10,000

     •1 bedroom 15,000

Rental Houses opposite Maiyan Mall

Rental houses opposite Maiyan Mall Ongata Rongai

Just after KCB bank, opposite Maiyan Mall on the road leading to St Mary’s Catholic Church, there are:

     •1 bedroom 8,500

Rental Houses along Eveta and Sironik Roads

Rental houses along Eveta and Sironik Roads Ongata Rongai

These are the rental houses you’ll find here, starting with (A) Eveta Road:

     •Single rooms 4,000 ; 4,500

     •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 10,000

     •2 bedroom 16,000

And (B) Sironik Road:

     •Bedsitters 7,500 ; 8,500

     •1 bedroom 10,000 ; 11,000 ; 12,000

Rental Houses at Hass Petrol Station

Rental houses at Hass Petrol Station Ongata Rongai

At the very beginning of road (A):

     •Single rooms 4,100

     •Lots of mabati houses single rooms 3,000 ; Double rooms 4,500

Follow Road (B) until you reach the area around Wama Hospital. There you’ll find:

     •Bedsitters 9,000

     •1 bedroom 9,000 (yes, 9,000) ; 12,000

     •2 bedroom 16,000 

Rental Houses at Sweetwaters and Nafrom

Rental houses at Sweetwaters and Nafrom Ongata Rongai

Let’s start with A (Sweetwaters):

     •1 bedroom 10,000

     •2 bedroom 12,000

Then B (Nafrom):

     •Bedsitters 8,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

Rental Houses opposite Bodaoil Petrol Station

Rental houses at exhauster Ongata Rongai

This road is locally known as Exhauster due to the many exhauster lorries packed along it.

Anyway, here you’ll find:

     •Single rooms 4,500

     •Double rooms 7,000

     •2 bedrooms 14,000 ; 17,000

Rental Houses along Nyotu Road and Imani Avenue

Rental houses along Nyotu Road and Imani Avenue Ongata Rongai

Starting with A (Nyotu Road), these are the houses you’ll find near Full Gospel Church Mbagathi:

     •Bedsitters 6,000 ; 8,500

     •Double rooms 7,000

     •2 bedrooms 12,000

And (B) Imani Avenue:

     •1 bedroom 9,000

Rental Houses along 5th Avenue

Rental houses along 5th Avenue Ongata Rongai

Along 5th Avenue:

     •Bedsitters 6,500 ; 7,000 ; 8,000

     •1 bedroom 11,500

     •2 bedroom 16,000 ; 17,000

Rental Houses along Church Road

Rental houses along Church Road Ongata Rongai

Church Road is one of the most populous areas in Rongai. Here you will find:

     •Single rooms 4,000

     •Double rooms 7,500

     •Bedsitters 6,000 ; 7,000

     •1 bedrooms 8,500 ; 9,000 ; 10,000 ; 11,000 ; 12,000

     •2 bedroom 14,000

Rental Houses along Honeypot and Kingdom Hall Roads

Rental houses Honeypot and Kingdom Hall Ongata Rongai

Let’s head to Bayley’s/ Honeypot Road. You’ll find:

     •Singles 5,200

     •Double rooms 8,000

     •Bedsitters 9,000

Opposite Tuskys, there is Kingdom Hall Road and these are the houses along it:

     •Bedsitters 8,500

     •1 bedroom 10,000

     •2 bedroom 12,000

Rental Houses at Kware

Rental houses near Rafiki Bank and Cleanshelf Ongata Rongai

Follow the road next to Rafiki Bank. Here there are lots of bedsitters.

     •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 8,500 ; 9,000 ; 10,000

On the opposite side of the road, there is a road next to Cleanshelf. Just behind the supermarket near the CocaCola distributor you’ll find:

     •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 10,000

     •1 Bedroom 12,000 ; 14,000

Further up, follow the tarmac road and before the turn that takes you to Africa Inland Church, on your right, there are:

     •1 bedroom 8,500 ; 9,000

Rental Houses along Umoja and Siron Roads

Rental houses along Umoja Road and Siron Ongata Rongai

Along Umoja Road, you will find:

     •Bedsitters 7,500 ; 8,000 ; 8,500 ; 12,000

     •1 bedroom 9,000 ; 11,000

And at Siron:

     •Bedsitters 8,500 ; 9,000

Rental Houses along Mugaa and Mandela Roads

Rental houses along Mogaa and Mandela Roads Ongata Rongai

Along Mugaa Road you will find:

     •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 9,000 ; 10,000

     •Double rooms 6,000

     •1 bedroom 13,000

Along Mandela Road there are:

     •Single rooms (mabati) 3,500

Rental houses opposite the National Bank

Rental houses opposite National Bank Ongata Rongai

On this road opposite National Bank you’ll find:

  •Single rooms 3,700

  •Double rooms 5,500

Rental houses along Riverside Road

Rental houses along Riverside Road Ongata Rongai

     •Singles 3,000

     •Double rooms 7,000

     •Bedsitters 6,000 ; 10,500

     •1 bedroom 11,000

Rental Houses at Laiser

Near The Open House Church

Rental houses near Nairobi Womens Hospital Ongata Rongai

   •1 bedroom 10,000

Rental houses opposite Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Rental houses near The Nairobi Womens Hospital Ongata Rongai

Let’s start with (A):

     •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 8,500

     •1 bedroom 10,000 ; 11,000

Then (B):

     •1 bedroom 12,000 ; 13,000

Rental houses opposite Fatima Mission Hospital

Rental houses near Fatima Mission Hospital Ongata Rongai

There is a road directly opposite Fatima Mission Hospital Commonly called Fatima Road. Along this, there are:

     •Single rooms 4,000

     •2 bedroom 14,000 ; 19,000

Right ahead, just before the road leading to Olerai School, there are several houses there;

     •Bedsitters 7,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

     •2 bedroom 14,000

Rental houses along Ole Moijoi Road

Affordable rental houses along Ole Moijoi Road Ongata Rongai

Back to Magadi Road. At a place called Chap Chap there is Ole Moijoi Road. Near the Catholic Church on your left:

     •1 bedroom 10,000 ; 12,000

     •2 bedroom 15,000

Proceed a little ahead.

Rental houses near Total Petrol Station Ongata Rongai

A little ahead, turn to your right:

     •Bedsitters 6,500

Rental houses near Total Energies

Rental houses near Total Energies Ongata Rongai

Just before Total Energies, turn to your left:

     •Bedsitters 7,500

     •1 bedroom 11,000

Rental houses near Laiser Hill Academy

Rental houses near Laiser Hill Academy Ongata Rongai

Bordering Laiser Hill Academy:

     •Bedsitters 8,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

This mega guide to rental houses in Ongata Rongai ends here at Laiser Hill Academy.

I hope this has been helpful. Send the link to this post to a friend who is searching for a house in Ongata Rongai.

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