Marurui in 2024: Affordable Houses, Business Ideas & What to Expect When You Relocate


You could be in Nairobi and maybe you’ve never heard of Marurui.

I’ll tell you where it is, places you’ll find affordable houses, and tell you what to expect if you relocate to this area.

I’ll also tell you the type of businesses you can set up here.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. I will show you where to find affordable single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1 (one) and 2 (two) bedroom houses in Marurui.

If, for example, you want a Ksh. 10,000 one bedroom. Use this guide to identify places with one bedroom going for Ksh. 10,000 or less, then go there and see if one is vacant. Or send someone to check for you.

Please note that all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) per month.


I’ll show you where to find:

          •Single rooms 3,500

          •Double rooms 7,000

          •Bedsitters 6,000

          •1 bedroom 10,000

          •2 bedroom 16,000

Is Marurui a good place to live?

Before we dive into places where you’ll find affordable rental houses, let’s take a closer look at Marurui.

How is life in Marurui?

The rent you’ll pay is one piece of the puzzle.

Daily fare, time spent commuting, food prices, water availability, and even security of the area are other factors you should consider.

So what is it like living there? This is what to expect when you relocate to Marurui.

Where is Marurui located in Nairobi?

Marurui is located 3.7 Km off Thika Road from Roasters. When you get to Roasters, take a Ksh. 20 matatu. It will take you to Marurui.

If you are around Kasarani or Roysambu, a shortcut would be to use Mirema Drive, then join the Northern Bypass.

Where do I board matatu to Marurui?

The Marurui stage in Nairobi is located along Moi Lane, near Imenti House.

Fare from Nairobi CBD to Marurui

Ksh. 50  during off-peak hours

Ksh. 70  during rush hour.

Let’s do the math: If you commute daily to town in the morning and get back in the evening, this is what your budget will look like.

(70×2) x 5 days = 700

700 x 4 weeks = 2,800

In addition to rent, you’ll spend approximately Ksh. 2,800 in fares per month if you decide to live in Marurui.

Traffic jam pain points

The main traffic pain points are Muthaiga and Globe Roundabout.

Water availability

6 out of 10 of the people I talked to said they had water throughout.

The remaining 4 said water availability is sporadic.

Food prices in Marurui

6/10 people I talked to said that food prices in Marurui are high.

4 said they’re average.

Is Marurui safe?

What about unreported cases?

For the unreported cases, I talked to the residents.

8/10 of the people I talked to said insecurity on the lower side of Marurui “the ghetto” is high.

They said the theft of mobile phones is rife in the area and that it’s unsafe from 10 p.m.

What residents love about Marurui

“The serenity.”

“Life is affordable.”

“Conducive for business.”

“Good schools.”

“Affordable houses.”

What residents don’t like about Marurui

“Dusty feeder roads.”

“There’s no playing ground.”

“Green-eyed residents.”

“The lower side is unsafe at night.”

“Small entrance to Marurui. Not big enough for simultaneous car, motorcycle, and pedestrian use.”

Business ideas

Thinking of starting a business in Marurui? Think of the following:

Kibanda ya soko (Grocery store)

Small hotel

Salon or kinyozi (Barber shop)

Mtumba (Thrift) shop

Lacking business

A bank.

Alright! Let’s dive in. 

Places in Marurui you’ll find affordable rental houses

For easier illustration, I’ll group houses as they branch from the main road.

Affordable rental houses in Marurui illustration

Let’s start with the first lane, which is on the right immediately you enter Marurui from the matatu stage.

This is like the main street of Marurui. Most of the commercial activity in Marurui happens along this lane.

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 1st lane

This long stretch of road has many, many rental houses.

     •Single rooms 3,500 ; 4,000

     •Double rooms 7,000 ; 7,500 ; 8,000

     •Bedsitters 6,000 ; 10,000

     •1 bedroom 11,000 ; 13,000

     •2 bedroom 16,000 ; 18,000

Get to the second lane.

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 2nd Lane

On this lane, you’ll find 

     •Bedsitters 8,000

     •1 bedroom 10,500 ; 12,000 15,000

Onto the third lane.

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 3rd Lane

This lane has:

     •Bedsitters 7,000 ; 8,000

     •1 bedroom 10,000 ; 12,000

Proceed to the fourth lane.

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 4th Lane

Here you’ll find: 

     •Bedsitters 8,500

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 5th Lane

Along this lane you’ll find:

     •Bedsitters 6,000 ; 7,000 ; 8,000

     •Double rooms 9,000

     •1 bedroom 12,000

Affordable rental houses in Marurui 7th Lane

And then on the 7th lane:

     •Bedsitters 7,500 ; 10,000

     •1 bedroom 10,000 ; 16,000

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