Gacharage Ruaka: 11 Places You'll Find Affordable Rental Houses

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Gacharage, Ruaka

This is a guide to rental houses in Gacharage, Ruaka.

It’s perfect if:

  • You don’t have Ksh 1,000 to pay an agent (or don’t see the need to).
  • You want to avoid conmen, who are all over.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. I will show you where to find affordable single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses.

Say for example you want a Ksh 8,000 bedsitter. Use this guide to identify the places that have a bedsitter going for Ksh 8,000 or less, then go there and see if there is a vacant one. 

Please note, all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh) per month.


I’ll show you where to get:

          •Single rooms 4,000

          •Bedsitters 6,500

          •1 bedroom 13,000

When you visit Gacharage, don’t sweat over a place to stay. Check out these amazing places below in the nearby Ruaka neighbourhood.

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Gacharage is on the upper side of Ruaka, on your way to Ndenderu.

It’s a good place to search for a house if you can’t find one at Ruaka town centre.

It’s lined up with very many apartments with a price range on the upper side. So if you’re looking for affordable houses like single rooms, double rooms, bedsitters, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom houses, where do you look?

I have the answers.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in. Please note, all prices are in Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) per month.

Let’s start this guide at Decimo area, directly opposite Club Decimo.

Rental houses at Decimal, Ruaka

This is the road that leads to St. Peter & Ann Medical Centre. Follow it until you reach the hospital. Just opposite the hospital there are:

          •Double rooms 8,200

Turn left then right at J&J Apartments. Follow that inner road to the end. You will find:

          •Single rooms 5,000

          •Bedsitters 6,500 ; 10,000 

Back to Limuru Road, a little ahead before carwash. Turn to your left. You’ll find:

          •1 bedroom 15,000

          •2 bedroom 18,000

Then right after carwash.

Starting with (A):

          •Bedsitters 8,000

          •1 bedroom 17,000

And (B) marked Lane 26:

          •Plenty of bedsitters 12,000

Rental houses at Gacharage Junction

Proceed to Gacharage Junction just before Total petrol station. Turn to your left and follow the inner road.

Along this lane you will find:

          •Single rooms 4,500

          •Lots of bedsitters 10,000

Proceed to the centre of the junction.

On your left (A) is the road heading to Gachie. You will find:

          •Lots of bedsitters 7,500 ; 9,000 ; 11,000

          •1 bedroom 15,000

Follow road (B) and you’ll find:

          •Single rooms 4,200

Back to Limuru Road, just before New Rumenye Restaurant.

Turn to your left, follow the road to the end. There you’ll find:

          •Bedsitters 8,000

And then just a few steps ahead, on your left.

You’ll find:

          •1 bedroom 17,000

          •2 bedroom 20,000

And then, on the opposite side of the highway, turn to your right.

This area has very many houses:

          •Single rooms 4,000

          •Bedsitters 8,000 ; 9,000 ; 10,000

          •1 bedroom 13,000

          •2 bedroom 22,000

That’s all there is to this guide to rental houses in Gacharage. If this has been helpful, please let me know.