Banana Hill in 2024: What You Should Expect to Find When You Relocate

Banana Hill

Is Banana a good place to live?

Let’s take a closer look at Banana Hill.

How is life in Banana Hill?

The rent you’ll pay is one piece of the puzzle.

Daily fare, time spent commuting, food prices, water availability, and even security of the area are other factors you should consider.

So what is it like living there? This is what to expect when you relocate to Banana Hill.

If you’re looking for a single room, double room, bedsitter, 1 (one), 2 (two), or 3 (three) bedroom house, or you want to put up a business here, this is for you.

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Where is Banana Hill located?

Banana Hill is located after Ruaka and Muchatha along the Banana Raini Road. The postal code for Banana is 00219 Karuri.

How far is Banana from Nairobi?

The distance from Koja stage in Nairobi to Banana Hill via Limuru Road is 17.1 km.

Where do I board matatu to Banana?

The Banana Hill matatu stage in Nairobi is located at Koja stage.

Fare from Nairobi CBD to Banana

Ksh. 50-60 during off-peak hours.

Ksh. 80-100 during rush hour.

Let’s do the math. If you commute daily to town in the morning and get back in the evening, this is what your budget will look like.

(80×2) x 5 days = 800

800 x 4 weeks = 3,200

In addition to rent, you’ll spend approximately Ksh. 3,200 in fare per month if you decide to live in Banana.

Traffic jam pain points

The main traffic pain points are Globe roundabout, Gigiri area, and Two Rivers when entering Ruaka town.

Other fares

Fare from Banana to Muchatha

Ksh. 20

Fare from Banana to Ruaka

Ksh. 30

Fare from Banana to Village Market

Ksh. 50

Fare from Banana to Kawaida

Ksh. 40

Fare from Banana to Limuru

Ksh. 50

Fare from Banana to Tigoni

Ksh. 50

Fare from Banana to Kiambu

Ksh. 60

Fare from Banana to Nazareth

Ksh. 60

Fare from Banana to Raini

Ksh. 30

Water availability

There seems to be a water problem here in Banana Hill. 5 out of the 10 people I talked to said they buy water from vendors. A 20-litre jerrican goes for Ksh. 30, sometimes 50.

Even the other 5 who said they had no water challenges had either sunk boreholes or stayed in buildings with large storage tanks.

Banana receives its water supply from Karuri Water and Sanitation Company.

Food prices in Banana

When I landed in Banana market, I expected food prices to be affordably low. I mean, there is a lot of arable land surrounding this town.

That’s not the case. 7 of the 10 people I talked to said that food prices in Banana are average. Only 1 felt they’re low. The remaining 2 said they’re high.

I was informed that landowners are transforming this region into urbanized areas, converting arable land into rental properties instead of utilizing it for agricultural purposes.

Alternatively, the land is sold to a buyer who also builds rental houses.

Vendors in the market therefore get their supplies from Marikiti market, Kiambu market, or Limuru. They have to consider transportation costs and price the food to ensure profitability…that’s why it’s not cheap here.

Is Banana Hill safe?

So far in 2024, there have been 0 cases of insecurity in Banana Hill reported in the media.

And what about unreported cases?

For the unreported cases, I talked to the residents.

6 out of the 10 people I talked to said Banana Hill has quite many cases of theft around the main stage and the market area at night, and around the MAT (Medically Assisted Therapy) Clinic during the day.

They, however, acknowledged that the police make frequent patrols around town. They wonder why they haven’t arrested the situation yet.

Why residents love Banana

“Affordable life.”

“Affordable houses.”

“There’s no drama.”

“Cool, fresh air.”

What residents don’t like about Banana

“Water challenges.”

“Alcoholism among the youth.”

“Lack of job opportunities.”

“No street lighting away from town center.”

“Noise pollution by modified bodabodas.”

“The people who visit MAT (Medically Assisted Therapy) Clinic for rehabilitation are involved in theft.”

“Very slow growth of the town.”

Business ideas

Thinking of setting up a business in Banana Hill? Think of the following:

A small shop

Mali mali (small diversified trader)

Grocery store

Fruit parlour

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